BodyTrace Blood Pressure Monitor (LTE)

BodyTrace Blood Pressure Monitor (LTE)

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Cellular-enabled blood pressure monitor from BodyTrace



It doesn't distract you with configuration issues and technical problems requiring constant support. Our Blood Pressure Monitor works right out of the box, requires no user configuration and data is delivered to you immediately.


Our blood pressure monitor and monitoring system allows you to focus on your mission, be that scientific research or helping people manage their blood pressure. There are no obscure error messages, or complicated setup procedures.

Data Any Way You Want It

We have a simple API that allows you to receive weight data in real-time. You can be up and running in a matter of hours and all your present and future scales know where to send their measurements without any additional work from you.


We take privacy and data protection very seriously and comply with all relevant regulations in the United States and the European Union.

Global Coverage

Our blood pressure monitors use the same cellular technology that your phone uses when you browse the web or send an e-mail. We have access to cellular networks in almost all countries around the globe.